Montag, Susanne

Övrig visuell konst
Born 1972 in Büsum, a small village at the west coast of Northern Germany, grown up with the powerful rythm of the tidal changes, I now settle in the Arkipelag.
Educated in Germany as both, a Class Teacher and a Dancepedagogist, I act also under the name „motiivitMoGroup“ as a social performer, who wants to build up a network through teaching, creating dialogue and performing.
Balancing out „common sense“ and „individual understanding“.
Understanding the daily breath. Becoming a part of the picture. What picture? Circling around and doing research. Serving a bit to the surrounding with being in movement and verbal expression.
The base of a workpiece is the moment. So I am circling around, inviting to share...
Program: Dansperformance 1 h, "The 5 minutes experience in true integration" A site specific performance, dealing with definitions of "integration" in obvious ways, as well as on a metaphoric level.